The firm BS89 has been located in Vicenza, Italy since its foundation in 1989 by the Architects Gianni Brombini and Carlo Saccardo. Over the years, the firm has continually developed the expertise necessary to keep the firm abreast of the latest developments in building technology, computer applications and building normatives.

We have been actively involved in a vast gamut of activities such as; consulting, feasibility studies, building analysis and break even point analysis. We have also been involved in numerous conceptual design projects and presentations. Our projects strive to achieve the highest quality of design and construction details. We have also been involved in all aspects of interfacing between agencies predisposed in regulating, controlling and administering the building project as well as on-site project management. We use computers in all aspects of design including energy analysis and for tracking all phases of project management and construction. Our team works cohesively in developing our ideas and using our capabilities in order to give the project the ultimate look that we believe is the hallmark of our own style.

Over the years we have designed and built residential, industrial and commercial buildings. In the latter, we have generated many conceptual ideas working with brand name stores as well as developing interior design projects mostly for clients in the apparel industry.


We have designed and supervised the complete realization of many stores in Europe all the way up to their grand openings by adapting the spaces provided to maximize the conceptual idea and increase the visibility of the brand name.

During the store development phase we work closely with local companies in order to obtain the proper licenses, verify that the necessary technical equipment can be installed, make sure that the construction and/or finishing materials are available and that the construction of the furnishings can be properly executed.

We have successfully worked in Italy, France, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, England, Scandinavia, Greece, Romania, and Hungary.
At this moment we have been contracted to reorganize a large urban area in our own city of Vicenza, Italy

In the residential sector, we have had extensive design experience in the design and construction of large modern villas, business and residential districts both in China and in Qatar blending modern design and new technology with neoclassical style and local traditions.